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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mobile Midwife Launch Party! July 14th

Mobile Midwife Party: July 14, 2011!


Thursday, July 14, 2011
 The Dorset Rooftop
Catalina Hotel & Beach Club 
 1720 Collins Avenue
 Miami Beach, FL

$15 admission.
includes complimentary Womb Warrior, our signature drink
  Cash Bar & Food available  

Buy tickets for you and your friends here! 

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Let's Talk about Sex

Mobile Midwife will be participating in Sister Song's Let's Talk About Sex conference in July 13-July 17, 2011.

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Greetings Beloved Community,

In the spirit of unity, we write to you as we move forward on our journey to Birth Justice.

With you, our beloved community, we have marched for justice in Atlanta, Detroit, Oakland and many other cities, fought for midwifery care in Miami, facilitated childbirth preparation circles, developed a framework for Birth Justice, and attended the births of some of your children.

We now call on you to walk with us in building Birth Justice in Miami and beyond. Our walk is rooted in the Reproductive Justice movement; it must be innovative, autonomous, and led by women of color.  It is for this purpose we are birthing Mobile Midwife, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Through Mobile Midwife, we aim to expand Birth Justice with story telling, popular education, and community organizing to improve access to midwifery care.

We’ve heard your birth stories that reflect the trauma and crisis we’ve endured. These birth stories share our survival, courage, resistance, and (yes!) our hope and joy. Sharing and documenting these stories are healing and revolutionary acts. Each story moves like a ripple across water, merging to create a powerful wave of Birth Justice!

We’ve learned with and from you. Using popular education and community organizing, we will continue to examine the roots of inequality and injustice in relation to childbirth. Armed with this knowledge, and with you, our beloved community, we can demand and create the type of change we desire when it comes to our reproductive health.

We've cared with you and for you. In spite of an increasingly violent medical environment, midwifery care creates space to have safe, gentle, and empowered birth experiences. Midwifery care is holistic, healing, and humanistic. It has rich herstory, legacy, and roots in communities of color. Our vision forMobile Midwife is to make this care accessible and central to all, especially Black, Brown, immigrant, indigenous, queer, transgender, low-income and other marginalized communities.

This journey to build Birth Justice has only been possible thanks to your support. Let us continue to share and build this movement together!

With Respect and Love,

Mobile Midwives

Jamarah Amani & Anjali Sardeshmukh